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ProVen Probiotics is part of the number one probiotic manufacturer in the UK and our research-backed products are now available in the USA.
With clinically-researched live bacteria, combined with specifically-selected nutrients, ProVen products are designed for all life stages and individual needs.
Use our product finder to discover the perfect ProVen product for you and your family.

What customers say about the ProVen Probiotics products


What makes ProVen Probiotics different?


Supported by more than 35 clinical trials and over 100 articles, research papers and posters.

We have a team of research scientists dedicated to researching the efficacy of our strains across an ever-growing number of conditions and identifying opportunities for new product development.


The probiotic strains used in the ProVen products are our own unique blends, known as Lab4, Lab4B and Lab4P.

Each multi-strain consortium has been extensively tested and researched to ensure efficacy across the widest range of conditions.


ProVen Probiotics products are sold in more than 20 countries around the world, including the UK, South Africa, China, Hong Kong, Spain, the Netherlands and Ireland.

Following numerous enquiries, we are very excited to now be offering our products for sale in the USA.


ProVen Probiotics have been available in the UK for more than 10 years, since our launch in 2012.

Our scientific approach and ownership of the whole supply chain (from product development to fermentation, manufacture to sales) ensure that our customers can trust the quality of our products.

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