Water Kefir recipe from ProVen Probiotics

Water Kefir Recipe

You may be familiar with milk-derived kefir drinks (similar to natural yoghurt), but for those who want to avoid milk or simply aren’t keen on the taste of milk-based kefir, water kefir is a great alternative.  Water kefir is a fizzy fermented drink made using water, water kefir grains and sugar, to which many different …

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Beetroot Kvass Recipe - ProVen

Beetroot Kvass Recipe

Traditional to Russia and the Ukraine, kvass was originally a low alcohol, fermented, grain-based drink (usually rye) that was consumed daily.  This Beetroot Kvass recipe is grain and alcohol free, making it suitable for everybody. It can be made using berries, limes, honey, mint and any other ingredients that appeal to you. Kvass can be added …

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