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Child baby led weaning

National Weaning Week

The first week in May is National Weaning Week in the UK, designed to offer help and support to parents in weaning their babies onto solid foods. Although milk is the only food a baby needs in the first months of life, from six months an infant’s nutrition needs to start to broaden to support

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Do babies have bacteria in their gut? ProVen Probiotics

Do babies have bacteria in their gut?

The development of the microbiome (gut bacteria) is essential for life and develops throughout the first 2-3 years of life, after which its configuration is set for the rest of our lives. Until recently, a baby’s gut was considered to be sterile until birth, when bacteria from the birth canal and the environment initiated the

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Gut Microbiome and Baby Colic | Pro-Ven Probiotics

The gut microbiome and baby colic

Gut microbiome and baby colic Having a baby suffering from colic is perhaps one of the most difficult experiences for new parents as it is associated with hours of crying and can continue for much of the first 4-5 months of your new baby’s life. Understanding the relationship between the gut microbiome and baby colic

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Baby Gut Health | Pro-Ven Probiotics

The importance of supporting baby gut health from birth

Baby gut health The gut microbiome (bacteria) is established at birth when bacteria are transferred from mother to baby and then develops during the first year of life as the baby is exposed to different external factors. The diversity and number of bacteria in the microbiota increase over this period to support the development of

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