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Immune support for all seasons - ProVen

Immune support for all seasons

Immune support It’s a common belief that we are all more likely to get ill when the seasons change. In this article, we discuss the benefits of being proactive with our immune support. Overall, our bodies do an exceptional job of protecting us from disease-causing micro-organisms, but occasionally these protection mechanisms fail and we fall

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Do you poo regularly?

Are you regular with your poos? Poo, poop, stool or faeces? This is what we call the waste that we pass, as a result of the food and drinks we consume being digested. What is poo? Poo contains fibre, water, bile and bacteria. Fibre is the word given to non-digestible carbohydrates derived from plant sources

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Natural support for the immune system - ProVen Probiotics

Natural Support for the Immune System

There is so much conflicting ‘information’ and ‘advice’ doing the rounds about COVID-19 and the Coronavirus, it is difficult to know what to do and what not to do. We can all follow the measures being suggested to reduce our chances of being exposed to the virus and boost our immune system in order to

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12 Tips to sleep better - ProVen Probiotics

12 Tips for a better sleep

Tips to sleep better Good sleep is often said to be the most important element in supporting health and wellbeing – both physical and emotional. Good sleep is defined as being 7-8 hours of continuous, restorative sleep every night, seven days a week. Achieving this can be a challenge for some of us, as we

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Today is National Love Your Pet Day, which focuses on pampering our pets and acknowledging the special place they hold in our lives

Why we should all get a pet (and particularly a dog)

Today is National Love Your Pet Day, which focuses on pampering our pets and acknowledging the special place they hold in our lives. Whether you have a dog, cat, tortoise, gerbil, snake or fish, take time to appreciate the benefits they bring to your life today. #nationalloveyourpetday The benefits of National Love Your Pet Day

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Getting back into healthy routines after Christmas - ProVen Probiotics

Getting back into a healthy routines after Christmas

Establishing healthy routines Once the Christmas holidays are over, there can be a tendency to beat ourselves up and to push to be in better shape both physically and mentally than we were before the party season. Whilst having goals can be beneficial, simply getting back into normal healthy routines can be a challenge –

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Workout ideas for the Christmas hols - ProVen Probiotics

Indoor workout ideas for the Christmas hols

Workout ideas at home When the children are on holiday and the weather is miserable, it can be difficult to fit exercise into the schedule. This is coupled with the fact that at this stressful time of the year, we could all do with letting off some steam – and exercise is the perfect vehicle

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Regular bowel movements during the festive season - 9 Tips

Regular bowel movements throughout the festive season

How to have regular bowel movements Dietary changes over the Christmas period can lead to changes in our pooping behaviour, as our bowels may become more sluggish and temporarily constipated. For some of us, Christmas excess may cause our bowels to loosen, leading to diarrhoea. This can be particularly true if we consume excess alcohol

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November is National Diabetes Month - ProVen Probiotics

National Diabetes Month

National Diabetes Month November is National Diabetes Month which helps promote and raise the awareness of Type 1 and 2 diabetes. Seeing as gut health is our specialty, we thought we would summarise the latest thinking regarding our microbiome and diabetes. #nationaldiabetesmonth Our gut bacteria is unique to each of us and develops based upon

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Why does uti cause bloating? ProVen Probiotics

Why does UTI cause stomach bloating?

How a UTI may cause bloating Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are infections in any part of the urinary system, including the kidneys, ureters (tubes between the kidneys and the bladder), the bladder itself, and the urethra (the tube from the bladder through which we urinate). The majority of UTI bloating involve the lower urinary tract

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