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Best probiotics foods and drinks to benefit your overall health
Best probiotics foods and drinks to benefit your overall health

Probiotics foods and drink

Yoghurt is one of the most familiar sources of probiotics (good bacteria) that keep a healthy balance in your gut. Studies suggest that probiotics can help ease lactose intolerance. They also may help ease gas, diarrhoea, and other tummy troubles.

What makes the difference is selecting probiotics that contain ‘live and active cultures’.

Some of our chosen recipes reinforce your gut health and provide a choice to ensure you enjoy what you eat and drink.

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Ultimate gut-friendly green summer salad recipe from ProVen Probiotics

Ultimate gut-friendly green summer salad

Make the ultimate gut-friendly, green summer salad. It has everything you need to feel great – apple cider vinegar for beneficial bacteria; bitter green leaves for liver and digestion support; healthy fats in olive oil and avocados plus parmesan and nuts for protein. And it tastes good too! Serves 2 Ingredients3 tbsp extra virgin olive

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Salmon with asparagus tray bake

Roast salmon with asparagus and new potatoes

Who else is enjoying the new season asparagus that’s in the shops at the moment? Saturday 23rd April is National Asparagus Day, so what better way to celebrate than with a delicious tray bake recipe – our favourite way to cook! This recipe can easily be adjusted to feed more, or just serve one, as

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British Pie Week

Celebrate British Pie Week

It’s British Pie Week this week, celebrating all things pastry and potato topped! There are hundreds of pie recipes available online, so rather than invent our own, we thought we’d bring you five recipes that we think would be particularly great if you are trying to boost your gut health. You might be wondering how

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Gluten free cauliflower pizza

Gluten free cauliflower pizza

It’s National Pizza Day on Wednesday, meaning we don’t need much of an excuse to enjoy pizza for dinner! However, have you tried a gluten free cauliflower pizza? Anyone with a gluten or wheat sensitivity will know that traditional pizza bases can aggravate digestive symptoms such as bloating, pain and gas. If this sounds familiar

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Crunchy rainbow coleslaw in bowl

Crunchy rainbow coleslaw

We think this coleslaw recipe would make the perfect accompaniment to a weekend lunch. In keeping with our number one tip for looking after your digestion – ‘eat your fill of vegetables with each meal’ – this boasts eight different plant foods to keep your gut bacteria thriving! Serves 6-8Preparation time: 20 minutes Ingredients½ red

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Bowl of cauliflower cheese soup

Cauliflower cheese soup

In season right now in the UK, cauliflower is part of the cruciferous vegetable family. Cruciferous vegetables are great for our health, and have been shown to support healthy metabolism, detoxification and clearance of oestrogen from the body. They are definitely something to include in the diet on a regular basis. Since cauliflower cheese is

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Black bean soup in bowls

Black bean soup

For the first of our winter warmer soups, we bring you a black bean soup that is full of gut-loving ingredients! We’ve got a base of bone broth (see the blog post from earlier this week for more details); fibre in the beans; anti-microbial garlic; and no fewer than 10 plant ingredients – including the

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Pan of lentil bolognaise for Veg Pledge month

Veg Pledge lentil bolognaise

November is Veg Pledge month, with people raising funds for Cancer Research UK by turning vegetarian or vegan for the month. Here’s our favourite meat-free bolognaise recipe for anyone who’s taken on the Veg Pledge. One of the most versatile meals we can think of, this simple recipe can be turned into a number of

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Sweet potato and chickpea curry with lime and rice

Sweet potato and chickpea curry

National curry week is taking place in the UK from 4th to 10th October this year, giving us an extra incentive to enjoy warming, spicy meals as the autumn nights draw in. We have a vegan sweet potato and chickpea curry to share with you, full of ingredients that support your gut health at the

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Gut friendly sandwich recipe suggestion

Gut friendly sandwich number 3

Our final gut healthy ‘sandwich’ recipe for British Sandwich Week is one that has become a real trend over the past few years – based on the very fashionable and over-talked about ‘avocado toast’. Adding sauerkraut to your avocado toast will help to support your microbiome, whilst also tasting great – and it’s super-easy to

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