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Healthy pancake day recipe for a healthy gut

A healthy Pancake Day recipe for Shrove Tuesday

In the Christian faith, Shrove Tuesday marks the last day before the 40-day fast known as Lent, which runs between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday.  Shrove Tuesday is also known as Pancake Day as it was traditionally a way of using up eggs, milk and sugar before the fasting period.  Pancake consumption can be traced

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Fermented hot sauce recipe for a healthy gut

Fermented Hot Sauce Recipe

Chase away the blustery chill and add some heat to your Valentine’s weekend with this spicy pepper sauce. The fermented vegetables provide a good source of prebiotic fibre, along with live bacteria to support your gut health.  This is a tasty topping for meat, fish or vegetable dishes and a must have for any serious

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International pizza day and its benefit to a healthy gut

International Pizza Day

Italians, both rich and poor, have devoured their traditional pizza dish since the 16th century and it is now an indulgent feast enjoyed by many nations, each creating their own particular take on it. Toppings range from cured meats to vegetables, from fruits to seafood and fish.  We’ve updated the traditional pizza to give it

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Water Kefir recipe from ProVen Probiotics

Water Kefir Recipe

You may be familiar with milk-derived kefir drinks (similar to natural yoghurt), but for those who want to avoid milk or simply aren’t keen on the taste of milk-based kefir, water kefir is a great alternative.  Water kefir is a fizzy fermented drink made using water, water kefir grains and sugar, to which many different

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Recipe for National Spaghetti Day - ProVen

Recipe for National Spaghetti Day

Today is National Spaghetti Day and we’ve combined the ethos of Veganuary with this culinary festival to bring you a deliciously warming and cheerful dish to tantalise your taste buds.  It also contains lots of yummy prebiotic fibre in the lentils, beans, garlic and onions as well as herbs to support your gut health and

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Beetroot Kvass Recipe - ProVen

Beetroot Kvass Recipe

Traditional to Russia and the Ukraine, kvass was originally a low alcohol, fermented, grain-based drink (usually rye) that was consumed daily.  This Beetroot Kvass recipe is grain and alcohol free, making it suitable for everybody. It can be made using berries, limes, honey, mint and any other ingredients that appeal to you. Kvass can be added

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A healthy bacteria-rich alternative to alcohol - ProVen

A healthy bacteria-rich alternative to alcohol

If you’re anything like us at ProVen, you’ll be looking for healthy bacteria-rich alternatives to alcoholic drinks to enjoy over the festive season. Many people immediately think of kombucha – a fizzy, fermented tea – when considering healthy alternative non-alcoholic drinks, but have you heard of tepache? Tepache is a delicious Mexican favourite that the

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Vegetables – did you know? - ProVen Probiotics

Vegetables – did you know?

Vegetables have been a staple of the human diet for centuries. They’re readily available, cheap to buy, easy to grow and simple to cook. They are also vital to support our gut health, providing fibre to help keep our bowels moving and feed our friendly bacteria, and vitamins and minerals to support digestion. November is

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Celebrating National Nacho Day - ProVen Probiotics

Celebrating National Nacho Day

Today, November 6th is National Nacho Day. However, this indulgent and comforting Tex-Mex favourite needn’t include super-salted maize chips, laden with processed cheese and lacking in nourishment.  We’ve created a wholesome and nutritious nacho recipe that the entire family can enjoy, brimming with flavour and goodness and quick to prepare (and eat!). Use organic vegetables

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World Vegan Day - what is veganism and is it healthy? - ProVen Probiotics

World Vegan Day – what is veganism and is it healthy?

Happy World Vegan Day Sunday, November 1st, was the national celebration of vegan awareness, World Vegan Day. As more people become interested in veganism, we have compiled a list of some frequently asked questions around this way of eating, along with some helpful tips with regard to the most healthful food and supplement options. What

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