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Understanding the connection between probiotics and mental health
Understanding the connection between probiotics and mental health

Probiotics and mental health

Scientists have long known that the microbes living in your gut impact your health. More studies are looking at whether using probiotics to alter your gut microbiome can reduce symptoms of mental illness.

Understanding the connection between your brain-gut is yet to be fully explored or exploited.

Probiotics have risen in popularity in recent years thanks to studies that have found evidence that “good” bacteria in the gut may be associated with a variety of conditions like type 2 diabetes, obesity, and colon cancer.

Taking probiotics in pill and powdered form are thought to boost your health by altering your gut microbiome, the collection of bacteria, yeasts, and fungi inside your gastrointestinal tract.

However, the field is relatively new and researchers are still trying to understand the complex interactions of probiotics with naturally occurring bacteria.

One of the connections they’re trying to understand is how the gut impacts the brain and mental illness.

As researchers learn more about this connection, probiotics are being marketed for better mental health in addition to improved digestive function, lower cholesterol, and weight loss.

After all, it makes sense that if your overall health improves it allows you to be in a better frame of mind emotionally than if you are in pain or discomfort caused by a condition.

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