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Recent Microbiome Studies

We monitor the latest microbiome research and aim to list all the studies we come across that we feel might be of interest to our Practitioners.

Diverse gut virome in centenarians promotes healthspan

A new study found that centenarians (age 100 years or more) have a more diverse virome (the collection of viruses present in an individual’s body) in their gut compared to younger adults and older individuals. This increased viral diversity may suggest a more robust immune response and a better ability to protect them from viral

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Narrow spectrum antibiotics spare the microbiome

Broad spectrum antibiotics not only eradicate the target pathogen, but are known to have catastrophic effects on the beneficial bacteria, causing lasting damage to the gut microbiome. As a result, patients are more likely to suffer from reinfections as well as subsequent digestive distress. In contrast, narrow spectrum antibiotics target one, or a small group,

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