Support your own peri/menopause journey with the ProVen Probiotics Menopause Rebel Plan

Are you ready to find new ways to support yourself through your peri/menopause? To take responsibility for your health and implement new routines and activities to help reduce the symptoms that everybody talks about? Are you willing to commit six weeks to yourself and your health and see where it leads?

Our Menopause Rebel Plan is designed to help you on your journey…

The Plan has been written by our in-house nutritionist, Adrienne Benjamin, in conjunction with two-time Olympian and TV Gladiator Rebel, AKA Jennifer Stoute, both of whom are in their peri/menopausal years – and have used elements of the plan to support themselves and minimise the symptoms they have experienced.

We are offering the plan in conjunction with two product bundles of three products:

Bundle 1: The Menopause Rebel Plan FREE with three packs of ProVen Probiotics For Women
Female-friendly live bacteria to support the gut and urogenital tract, with cranberry extract and vitamin B6, to provide support for hormone balance. Take two capsules a day alongside the 6-week plan.

Bundle 2: The Menopause Rebel Plan FREE with three packs of ProVen Probiotics with Digestive Enzymes
25 billion friendly Lab4 bacteria with digestive enzymes to help support digestion and absorption of nutrients from food – the full package for digestive support. Each capsule also contains calcium, which supports the function of digestive enzymes. Take two capsules a day with your two main meals of the day to support digestion for the full six weeks of the plan.

Why Choose Our Probiotic Bundles?

The two products have been specially selected based on what has worked for other women, including Jennifer.

The six-week programme comes free with the bundles and has been designed to support you in implementing some simple daily practices that work.

We are here to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Join the Menopause Rebel Movement Today!

It’s time to take back responsibility for your own body and provide the self-care that it is craving.

“I have been recommending ProVen products to anybody who will listen, so when the opportunity came up to be an ambassador for the brand, I agreed immediately. ProVen Probiotics have transformed my gut health and I feel less bloated since incorporating them into my daily routine”

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Select the product bundle that fits your needs and click [Add to basket] under your chosen product.

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