Press and Awards

ProVen Probiotics is a leading brand in the probiotics industry that has garnered a reputation for its high-quality products and exceptional customer service. Over the last few years, ProVen Probiotics has received numerous awards and recognition from various reputable institutions and organizations worldwide. 

These awards and recognition serve as a testament to ProVen Probiotics’ commitment to producing top-notch products that meet the highest industry standards. As a result, customers worldwide trust and rely on ProVen Probiotics to improve their digestive health and overall well-being.

Pro-Ven Probiotics is a renowned company that has gained recognition for their science-based probiotics, which are backed by many years of research and clinical trials. The company has won numerous awards for their innovative and effective probiotics, which have been shown to promote digestive health and improve overall well-being.

These accolades are a testament to the company’s commitment to producing high-quality, research-backed probiotics that provide real health benefits to their customers.

Finalist in the Nutrition Project of the Year category in the Nutraingredients Awards in 2020

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