ProVen Probiotics for Babies

Development of a baby’s microbiome begins immediately at birth and continues throughout the first 2-3 years of the infant’s life. By the time the baby is around three years old, the composition of their microbiome is set for their life.

ProVen Probiotics baby products have been specifically formulated for use from birth and during the first few years of life (to around three years old), throughout the period of development of the microbiome. They are manufactured in powder form and are safe and easy to add to cooled breast or formula milk or to give directly to the baby.

We have also developed a friendly bacteria powder with vitamins for toddlers, which can be taken from age 12 months until around 3 or 4 years, at which point your child can move onto our children’s products.

If you would like to discuss the right product for your baby, please contact ProVen Probiotics and speak to our in-house nutritionist.

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