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ProVen Probiotics for Travel Health

Travel can affect our digestion in a number of ways and it may be useful to provide support for the microbiome when we are travelling for work and/or pleasure.

Unfamiliar foods, new routines, air travel and exposure to different ‘local’ bacteria may disturb the normal healthy balance of our microbiome and lead to tummy troubles and travellers’ diarrhoea.

ProVen have designed a product specifically for travel that is easy to pack and contains 14 capsules with friendly bacteria, calcium, glutamine, ginger and aloe vera. These capsules are designed to be taken prior to, during and following travel.

Alternatively, you may wish to continue taking your usual ProVen product throughout this period or any of the other products listed below.

If you would like to discuss the right product for you, please contact ProVen Probiotics and speak to our in-house nutritionist.

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