pSS inflammation linked to microbial diversity

38 human subjects were analysed through DNA extraction and gut microbiota sequencing via stool samples. The study group was split 50:50 into diagnosed primary Sjorgren’s syndrome (pSS) and healthy control subjects. Results found that pSS patients displayed a gut composition that was much less diverse and recorded lower volumes of gut bacteria overall. Significantly, the pSS patients had less beneficial or commensal butyrate-producing bacteria and a higher proportion of opportunistic pathogens with proinflammatory activity, which may impair intestinal barrier function and therefore contribute to inflammatory processes associated with pSS. Further research may identify therapeutic interventions for pSS related inflammatory symptoms.

Cano-Ortiz, A.; Laborda-Illanes, A.; Plaza-Andrades, I.; Membrillo del Pozo, A.; Villarrubia Cuadrado, A.; Rodríguez Calvo de Mora, M.; Leiva-Gea, I.; Sanchez-Alcoholado, L.; Queipo-Ortuño, M.I. Connection between the Gut Microbiome, Systemic Inflammation, Gut Permeability and FOXP3 Expression in Patients with Primary Sjögren’s Syndrome. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2020, 21, 8733.

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