Gut microbiota affected by anti-biotics

This study compared piglets who were fed a non-antibiotic and antibiotic based (sub-therapeutic dosage) diet for 39 days. It found that antibiotic exposure elevated serum triglyceride concentration, and decreased expression of genes related to triglyceride hydrolysis. Both lean and fat volumes of pigs were increased by the administration of anti-biotics. The enhanced fat deposition occurred in non-adipose tissues, like liver and skeletal muscle. had an altered caecum and colon microbiota composition, as well as specific genes expressions in the colon.

Honglin Yan, Bing Yu, Jeroen Degroote , Thomas Spranghers , Noémie Van Noten, Maryam Majdeddin, Mario Van Poucke, Luc Peelman, Jo De Vrieze, Nico Boon, Ingrid Gielen, Stefaan De Smet, Daiwen Chen,Joris Michiels. Antibiotic affects the gut microbiota composition and expression of genes related to lipid metabolism and myofiber types in skeletal muscle of piglets. BMC Veterinary Research (2020) 16:392

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