Simple sugars enhance colitis pathogenesis

This study looked at the effects of glucose and fructose on colitis pathogenesis in mice. Short-term intake of high glucose or fructose did not trigger inflammatory responses in the healthy gut but markedly altered gut microbiota composition. In particular, the abundance of the mucus-degrading bacteria Akkermansia muciniphila and Bacteroides fragilis was increased. Germ-free mice colonized with microbiota from sugar-treated mice showed increased colitis susceptibility. They conclude that the intake of simple sugars predisposes to colitis and enhances its pathogenesis via modulation of gut microbiota in mice.

Shahansha Khan, Sumya Waliuyah, Victoria Godfrey, MD Abdul Wadud Khan, Rajalaksmy A. Ramachandran, Brandi L. Cantarel, Cassie Behrendt, Lan Peng, Lora V. Hooper Hasan Zaki. High-sugar diet promotes the growth of mucolytic bacteria, leading to reduction of the mucus layer and predisposition to colitis in mice. Science Translational Medicine  28 Oct 2020:Vol. 12, Issue 567, eaay6218 DOI:10.1126/scitranslmed.aay6218

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