Genetics partially coordinated by gut bacteria

This study carried out a systematic genome and metagenome analysis on anxiety-like behaviour on 445 mice to identify the effects of host genetics and gut microbiota and their interaction on anxiety. Results identified 264S ingle nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) corresponding to 141 known that are significantly associated with anxiety-like behaviour. In addition to genes already associated with anxiety, this study identified a number of genes not previously associated with anxiety. They conclude that genetic effects on anxiety are partially mediated through modulating the abundance of specific gut microbes, suggesting links between host genetics and anxiety via intestinal health.

Jin, X., Zhang, Y., Celniker, S.E. et al. Gut microbiome partially mediates and coordinates the effects of genetics on anxiety-like behavior in Collaborative Cross mice. Sci Rep 11, 270 (2021).  

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