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To ensure you never run out of your favourite friendly bacteria

Make life easier and save up to 15% by subscribing to a regular delivery of ProVen Probiotics.*

Friendly bacteria are best taken daily and our Subscribe and Save service ensures you always have your chosen ProVen Probiotics in your cupboard.

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Select any number of products and how often you want to receive them – to support your whole family – adults, children and babies.
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Convenient and time-saving – never have to remember to place your order again – we will arrange for it to arrive whether you are in the country or not.
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If you would only like support during the winter months, feel free to suspend your order during summer – or at any other time to suit you and your family.

How Subscribe & Save works in 3 easy steps

Subscription options

1 pack every month

5% off

2 packs every month

7.5% off

3 packs every month

10% off

6 packs every month

15% off

Seven key benefits

  • Save Money

    Up to 15%

  • Save Time

    Set your orders up once and receive them automatically

  • Never Run Out

    Your ProVen Probiotics will arrive before you finish the existing pack

  • Complete Control

    Suspend and restart your orders as required

  • No Contract or Minimum Term

    No commitment, you can cancel anytime

  • Subscriber Benefits

    Subscriber offers, useful information and free products

  • Free Delivery (£30+)

    On single orders of £30 or more

*Not currently available on our 14-day packs.

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