Research and development

With over 30 years’ experience in probiotics, coupled with continuous research and new product development, ProVen Probiotics is one of the world’s most respected producers of probiotics products.

Excellence in probiotics through ongoing research & development

Research is at the heart of both the Cultech and ProVen Probiotics operations and the company employs a large team of scientists and researchers. It has had studies published in more than 75 peer-reviewed publications and funded 16 PhDs, establishing an evidence base of health benefits to support its products.

Working with leading universities and hospitals, many in the UK, the research team works continuously to remain up-to-date with the latest industry research and developments.

Dr Nigel Plummer

ProVen Probiotics is owned and managed by Dr Nigel Plummer, a world-renowned expert in the field of probiotics, who produced his first human probiotic in 1994, having previously worked in the field of animal probiotics.

ProVen Probiotics is part of Cultech Ltd, a bioscience company based in South Wales in the UK and a world-leading supplement manufacturer, which specialises in probiotics production.

Cultech is also owned and managed by Dr Plummer and is internationally renowned as an expert in probiotic bacteria and approved to make probiotics as medicines – the company is also BRC approved, has ISO9000 and MHRA accreditations and is audited to cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Processes) by the FDA in the USA..

Part of the Lab4 consortium

Lab4, Lab4B and Lab4P - research-backed live bacteria

Lab4, the group of bacteria used in the ProVen products, was first identified 25 years ago by Dr Plummer and his team. Since then, the team of scientists and researchers at ProVen Probiotics has undertaken more than 15 clinical trials into the effectiveness of the Lab4 probiotic strains in association with a number of leading universities and hospitals throughout the UK and Europe.

As well as the core Lab4 group of bacteria, the ProVen pregnancy and baby products contain a slightly different group of four strains of friendly bacteria, known as Lab4B.

And more recently, the company has developed Lab4P, which contains the four core Lab4 strains with Lactobacillus plantarum, an additional strain of live bacteria native to the human digestive tract.

The Lab4 friendly bacteria used in ProVen Probiotics is one of the most studied groups of friendly bacteria in the world and the most studied in the UK. The breadth of the research means that the Lab4 consortia now have evidence of the widest range of clinical benefits of any probiotics around the world.

Evidence-based products

Probiotics are different from other supplements in that bacterial strain differences mean that benefits can be specific to an individual product. Ongoing research and a detailed understanding of the developments in the probiotic industry are both necessary to stay ahead of the game. The products developed by ProVen have been used in this ongoing research – in studies investigating allergy, common illnesses, specific digestive complaints, mood and athletic performance. Based on this research, the products have been specifically developed for individual life-stages and are designed to be used in pregnancy, through infancy, childhood and into adulthood.
ProVen Probiotics 25 Billion Adult product
ProVen Probiotics ShapeLine product
ProVen Probiotics Fit for School product

Our story

With over 30 years’ experience in probiotics, coupled with continual research and new product development, ProVen is one of the world’s most respected producers of probiotics.

The man behind the brand

Whilst there are many brands of probiotics, there are not many proprietors as passionate about bacteria as Dr Nigel Plummer, founder and managing director of ProVen Probiotics.

Why choose ProVen?

With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, coupled with continuous research and new product development, ProVen is one of the world’s most respected probiotics manufacturers.
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