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AD. Probiotics, 1000mg of Vit C and 250% of the RDA of vit D in a tasty orange drink?! Sure, I’ll drink to that! 🍊🍹 It’s clear to say in the past few months demand for wellness supplements has soared, everyone looking for a way to “supercharge” their immune system. Whilst no amount of vitamins or minerals can “boost” your immunity (🤦🏻‍♀️), there ARE things you can do to support its regular, healthy function…. 🙌 However, especially at this time of year, it’s not always easy to get everything we need. With the shorter days, lack of sunlight, and availability of tasty yet perhaps slightly less nutrient dense snacks (I don’t know about you, but it’s far more likely to pick up a Mince Pie than an orange right now 🥰!), sometimes we need a little helping hand. Since discovering the convenient Urgent C sachets by @provenprobiotics , not only am I getting in 250% of my Vit D RDA (which Public Health England suggest we all consider supplementing with during winter ❄️ ), but also 1000mg Vit C, alongside a healthy does of Selenium and Zinc. Moreover, and what really makes this product unique, is the 5 billion Lab4 friendly bacteria in every sachet, supporting a healthy gut microbiome and a normal, healthy immune function. (it also tastes incredible 🧡!) With cold and flu season coming up, whilst we all know no amount of vitamin can protect you from the common cold, when @provenprobiotics offer such an easy, convenient and tasty way to keep some key nutrient levels at their optimum, personally I am ALL for the extra support!
Hannah Fuller, a social media influencer advocating the ProVen Probiotics brand

Just because it’s not visible to the eye, doesn’t mean we should ignore it … 💙 AD

Something I’ve been trying to focus more on recently is a more internal approach to health and fitness… focusing less on the outside and more in the inside. We’re such a visual society that’s it’s hardly surprising we can get caught up with all the tiny little ‘imperfections’ that we see in the mirror – sometimes at the cost of the things we can’t physically identify 👀 I’m learning that just because I can’t directly see my vitamin levels, gut health, or any sort of tangible marker of the good bacteria inside it, doesn’t mean I should just ignore them…. sometimes we need an extra little boost 🙂

Now that we’ve entered into cold and flu season, I’ve been trying out the Intensive formulas in the Urgent-C range by @provenprobiotics , designed to be used for 7 days when you feel you might be coming down with something. With a separate product for day and night, the morning drink combines high levels of Lab4 friendly bacteria with 1000mg vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc and selenium, to support a normal, healthy immune function 🍊 Meanwhile, the Night-Time Support has not only been topping up my vitamins for the evening but, with 100mg of magnesium, proven to support muscle function and relaxation, it’s perfect for delivering a calming effect on the body before bed. Something I know I certainly benefit from! 💤

Let’s face it, nothing looks better on the outside than a good nights sleep, boost of vitamins, and a healthy gut microbiome, feels on the inside! ❤️

Hannah Fuller, a social media influencer advocating the ProVen Probiotics brand
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