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I wrote about SHAPELINE, from @provenprobiotics, the first probiotic proven to offer weight loss, according to Proven founder, microbiologist Dr Nigel Plummer, recently, but in light of inevitable isolation weight gain, which has been termed “THE CORONA STONE” I thought I’d share it again especially as there’s 33% off in @allcarepharmacyirl right now!

Studies have found that lean and overweight people have different gut bacteria and 4 strains have been identified that are thought to limit the absorption of fat.

They may promote the production of bile, which plays a role in fat metabolism, helping a person burn more fat.

In the largest clinical study of its kind, published in Journal Scientific reports, participants saw a reduction in weight, waist circumference and BMI after taking just 1 capsule a day for 6 months.

Best results were found in people over 50 and in abdominal fat, which is a dangerous type of fat for health, and all 440 participants didn’t alter their diet or take up a new exercise regimen.

Results varied with participants losing between a stone and 3 pounds in the 6 months.

They also contain vitamins C and D plus zinc to support the immune system which again is very appropriate right now!

Obviously they’re not a quick fix or a licence to eat more fatty foods!

The most recommended way to lose weight is still to eat less and move more, but for those with a lot to lose, struggling to lose, or just need a kick start they may be of help, as long as you don’t overeat.

You’ll also gain from the many other proven benefits of probiotics, including a stronger immune system, clearer skin, healthier digestion and improved mood and participants had an impressive 40% reduction in coughs & colds, fewer headaches, decreased cholesterol plus improved mood & sleep!

They retail at €30 but are 33% off in @allcarepharmacyirl at the moment.

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