Jennifer Stoute

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Jennifer Stoute

“I have been recommending ProVen products to anybody who will listen, so when the opportunity came up to be an ambassador for the brand, I agreed immediately. ProVen Probiotics have transformed my gut health and I feel less bloated since incorporating them into my daily routine”

Jennifer Stoute, an esteemed ex-Olympian and gladiator, has forged a meaningful partnership with Pro-Ven Probiotics, championing the cause of better gut health.

As a distinguished athlete with a deep understanding of the importance of physical well-being, Jennifer recognizes that a healthy gut plays a crucial role in overall fitness and well-being.

Teaming up with Pro-Ven Probiotics, a leading authority in probiotic supplements, Jennifer is committed to spreading awareness about the immense benefits of maintaining a balanced gut microbiome. Through their collaboration, they aim to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to optimize their digestive health, thereby enhancing overall wellness and vitality.

Jennifer Stoute and Pro-Ven Probiotics proudly unite to promote the vital connection between gut health and holistic well-being, inspiring countless individuals to embark on a journey towards a healthier, happier life.

Jennifer Stoute

Jennifer Stoute was born on the 16th of April 1965, in Bradford. Represent Great Britain over 20 times, which included 2 Commonwealth Games, 2 European Games where she won both gold and silver medals. The pinnacle of her Athletics career came at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, where she took home a bronze medal 4x400m relay distinguishing herself as one of Britain’s finest sprinters.  

After constant injuries Jennifer was forced to retire from athletics earlier than she had expected, but in 1996 she found herself in the limelight once again, on the hugely popular show the Gladiators. She took on the role as ‘Rebel’ for 4 years, which saw her become a role model for children all over the country and an ambassador for many youth charities. After ‘The Gladiators’ ended, Jennifer used her expertise to join the cast and crew of the Hollywood blockbuster film, ‘The Gladiator’ alongside Russell Crow in 2000.  Jennifer took on the role of a stunt woman, participating in a few gruelling, dramatic scenes. This opened the doors to other acting opportunities and on her return from the set of the Gladiator in Malta she became a familiar face on both TV and radio, which included Pantomimes, appearances on the Disney Channel and other televised shows such as This Morning.

In 2001 Jennifer became a mother to her first daughter Alicia, and this was followed by Renee in 2005. She now combines motherhood and family life with running a successful Athletics Agency where she combines her experience and knowledge of the sport to manage athletes worldwide countries.

In 2018 Jennifer was signed by Europe’s leading modelling agency Models1 at the age of 53 years for mature modelling and has represented global companies.

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