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Fussy eaters - My experience and how I'm dealing with it

How does he sleep? Does he eat well? The most common questions that any parent will get asked when they have a baby. I often get asked these two questions when chatting to friends and family and luckily for us both boys have always been amazing sleepers. But when it comes to food… that is a different story.

I actually spoke about this on Instagram the other day and how I was struggling with Renzo at the moment. Don’t get me wrong he eats, has his favourite foods like any other child but variety is something we lack. I just can’t get him to try new foods, I do try to I know some foods need to be offered up to 20 times before little one even decides to try them so I’m being patient. Renzo, almost 2 is definitely a better eater than what Vinny was at this age which I’m grateful for and I think that having his big brother around helps for sure. He sees Vinny eating and that encourages him. And there are a few other things I do to ensure this food journey goes as smooth as possible and I just thought I’d have a chat with you about it all today.

Firstly I think being relaxed about meal times makes such a difference. If I can sense that he isn’t going to eat anything then I remain calm and continue to eat my meal. I think eating as a family wherever you can really makes a difference instead of just sitting there waiting and watching him eat. In the past with my first son I would get so worked up about mealtimes and the fact that he wouldn’t eat anything new or even try anything. We would both end up very stressed and it would honestly ruin my day or evening. I definitely feel a lot better about the situation now and I know they will both grow up to be healthy boys and will probably eat everything in sight when they’re older.
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Both Liza Prodeaux's sons with their choice of probiotics from ProVen
Liza Prodeaux's son, Vinny enjoying a healthy meal for a healthy gut
The boys and I have also started taking ProVen Probiotics everyday and this is something I would recommend if you worry that your little one isn’t getting the vitamins they need from their diet and to ensure they have a healthy gut. The easiest way to ensure they have a healthy gut is to get their probiotics in daily.  A probiotic supplement can help to re-balance the levels of bacteria in your gut and support your digestive system to keep it working as it should, no matter what life throws at you. Different products are available for each age range, Renzo has the ProVen Probiotics Lactobacillus & Bifidus with A-Z Multivitamins & Prebiotic for Toddlers (RRP £9.95) which is a berry flavoured powder that I just mix into his milk or yoghurt in the morning. It’s very easy to disguise so ideal for fussy eaters.
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Liza Prideaux's son, Vinny has been taking the Fit for School with Vitamin C chewable tablets
Vinny has been taking the Fit for School with Vitamin C chewable tablets (RRP £14.95), he asks me for these daily because he enjoys taking them and it has become a part of our daily routine. Also I’m not sure if it’s anything to do with these tablets but Vinny has had a cough for most of the winter and about a week after starting these it eased massively and now his cough is pretty much gone which is amazing because like I said he has had that most of the winter. The most effective way of helping to prevent coughs and colds is to support the immune system on an ongoing basis and friendly bacteria are increasingly being shown to help with this so I’m going to continue with these for sure as they’ve made a huge difference. I’ve been taking the ProVen Probiotics Adult Acidophilus and Bifidus (RRP £13.95), it’s really helped with my bloating which I was getting daily. Since having the kids I’ve really become more aware of my body and the changes that happen and my digestive system has really suffered as I’ve gotten older.  To combat the bloating, I’ve been keeping myself well hydrated and take two ProVen Probiotics each day, usually with breakfast.
Finally with regards to getting Renzo to try news foods I’m going to involve him more in preparing his meals. This isn’t something I really tried with Vinny so I will be interested to see if this helps. I know that keeping the meals small is a good thing to do when you have a fussy eater because large meals and lots on the plate can often overwhelm them so smaller options but lots of variety is what we are going to focus on from now on. I’d love to hear your top tips if you have a fussy eater, it’s always great to hear from other parents in a similar situation. ProVen Probiotics are available from Boots and Holland & Barrett stores nationwide.
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