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Say hello to my little friends… 😎🍊 I recently started taking Urgent C each morning & it’s my go-to immune system support supplement. 😷Immune support in general, but especially this time of the year (& now!!!), is so important. 🤗Urgent-C Everyday Immune Support is for long-term daily use, so I take it each morning…while Urgent-C Immune & Energy Intensive Day-Time Kickstart and Urgent-C Immune Intensive Night-Time Support are intensive formulas designed for short-term use, i.e. those times when you’re feeling run down & sluggish or have caught a cold. I’ve had to reach for these once or twice over the last number of weeks, let me just say that I was very glad to have them! They definitely help speed up recovery time 🤒 You’ll find @provenprobiotics #urgentc in your local @lifepharmacyirl @allcarepharmacyirl@mccauleypharmacy,
@totalhealthpharmacygroup @hickeyspharma #immunesupport (ad)

Niamh O'Sullivan, a social media influencer advocating the ProVen Probiotics brand
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