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Our Science

ProVen Probiotics is committed to ongoing research to support our products and the industry in general. To date, we have published more than 20 clinical trials in addition to our ex vivo, in vivo and in vitro work.

The science behind ProVen Probiotics

  1. Rigorously tested and screened bacteria strains
  2. More than 20 clinical trials and 30 years of research
  3. In-house laboratories and team of research scientists
  4. Research-backed new product development
  5. NSF Good Manufacturing Practice certified
  6. Proprietary manufacturing processes (TriPhase and StabilityMax)
  7. Proven to be safe for everyone (from birth)
  8. Research into: Athletic performance, Digestive support, Immune system benefits, Mood enhancement, Weight loss benefits, Atopy in infants and children, Children’s health, Effective alongside antibiotics

Triphase & StabilityMax

Our TriPhase and StabilityMax processes enable high potency-per-capsule probiotics with guaranteed 18-month bacteria count, either alone or in combination with multi-nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

Developed by the scientists at Cultech, TriPhase is a unique three-stage micro-encapsulation and conditioning technology, which increases stability of the probiotics at every stage of the process.

The three stages involved are:

1. Micro-encapsulating and freeze-drying the probiotics.
2. Pre-conditioning and tempering the product during manufacturing.
3. Final treatment prior to packaging.

StabilityMax combines the TriPhase treated active ingredients with optimized ‘gas-tight’ packaging and ‘overage’ (extra) of bacteria.

The result is high potency ‘simple’ or ‘complex’ products which are stable for up to 24 months at temperatures of up to 25°C.

Other nutrients that can be combined with the probiotic strains in complex formulations include vitamins, minerals, botanicals, protein powders and fiber powders.

Lab4 probiotics

The Lab4 probiotics blends used in the ProVen Probiotics products have been the subject of more than 20 clinical studies and dozens of in vitro and in vivo research trials over the past 20 years – all of which has fed into the development of a product range with the widest range of clinically proven benefits in the world.

Reduces Antibiotic Resistance


Improves Athletic Performance

Endurance athletes

Reduces IBS Symptoms

IBS sufferers & athletes

Reduces Antibiotic Diarrhea


Improves Immune Function


Reduces Coughs and Colds


Reduces Intestinal Permeability


Improves Cognitive Function

Healthy adults

Reduces Anxiety

Healthy adults

Improves Quality of Life

Healthy adults

Reduces Cholesterol


Reduces Weight

Overweight & obese adults

Prevents Allergy

Babies and children

Reduces Constipation

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