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Want to know more about the world-leading science-based ProVen Probiotics brand?

Supported by over 30 years of research and more than 20 clinical trials, we have a lot to say about the importance of supporting our microbiome.

Probiotic Knowledge

All you need to know about the microbiome, good bacteria and a healthy gut.
How to support your gut health at Christmas
Christmas is coming and so are the stories...
What is the difference between probiotics and prebiotics?
This is a question that weโ€™re often asked....
Can probiotics be beneficial in male reproduction health?
While the research on the gut microbiome's direct...
Male genital microbiome
The male genital microbiome refers to the collection...
How can probiotics help male genital health?
The male genital microbiome is a relatively recent...
The gut, probiotics and travel
Supporting your microbiome whilst traveling โ€“ for holidays,...


Looking for answers? We’re here to help. We’ve answered our most popular questions in the categories below.

Our Glossary

Have you come across a term or phrase that you donโ€™t understand? Welcome to our Probiotics Glossary โ€“ designed to help explain the long list of jargon associated with the gut in general and probiotics in particular.

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