Frequently Asked Questions

Click on ‘Banners’ and select the URL displayed at the top of the page. This will redirect your potential buyer to the Pro-Ven shop to see all the relevant products.

As they order any product or click through the web pages after landing on the shop page, the system will track and assign your cookie code to their activity. This ensures any sale is assigned to you.

On the far right-hand side you have a blue button which allows you to copy the HTML code.

Simply add this code into a HTML block within your post or email and the banner image will be added. More importantly, it will also assign the tracking code to the image which will allow the end-user to click on it and be transported to the shop page, individual product or a custom page (see ‘shortcode creator’ for creating a custom page link).

Click on ‘URL Generator’ and tick the box ‘Create Shortlink’. 

This will create the short link from the first two fields listed. Enter in the first field your target URL and in the second field add in the Campaign title.

The campaign title will be added as an identifier to the end of the URL for you to see which campaign the end-user clicked through from.

Next click ‘Generate’.

After this it will add to the table below a ‘Main URL’ and a ‘Shortlink’. 

You can choose either of these.

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