Shapeline article in Top Santé UK

Shapeline article in Top Santé UK

Top Santé writes about ProVen 50 Billion – ShapeLine

This month’s edition of Top Santé magazine includes an article about our 50 Billion – ShapeLine headlined A SLIMMING PROBIOTIC?

The article talks about the benefits of friendly bacteria (probiotic) products extending beyond the digestive system and states the following:

“The latest trend is for specialised probiotics with strains of bacteria to target specific issues, such as headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, or eczema. And a new probiotic for weight loss has some promising science behind it. ShapeLine from ProVen Probiotics (£29.95, reduces weight, waist circumference, and body mass index (BMI), according to a study published this February.”

It also includes further information directly from our managing director, Dr Nigel Plummer.

The article is not yet available online but can be found on pages 50-51 of the April 2020 edition of Top Santé.

Online references and independent articles regarding slimming probiotics:

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