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World Veggie Day

Today (1st October) is World Vegetarian Day, also known as World Veggie Day and, whilst we might not want to become a full-time vegetarian, eating meat-free one or two days each week can really help to broaden our vegetable intake.

Vegetables are a great way to add fibre to our diet to support our gut health and help to feed the friendly bacteria in our gut microbiome. They are a natural source of prebiotics and additional fibre will also help with stool consistency and improved transit time.

We suggest you start with the government guidelines of five portions of vegetables and fruit a day (with a focus on the vegetables) and work up to 8-10 portions every day, with as much variety as possible. Include the skins and stalks where possible for added gut support.

For those used to cooking with meat every day, it can be a challenge to find vegetarian meals that are both tasty and easy to make.

To help with this, we have included 10 recipe ideas below to help make increasing your veggie count a little easier. Enjoy…

  1. Vegetable bakes are truly delicious. Sweet potato or butternut squash, onions, sweet bell peppers, and courgettes can all be thrown together in a baking dish with a little rapeseed oil. Don’t forget some herbs – paprika/oregano/black pepper or basil all work well with this dish and bring additional micronutrients with each mouthful. Top with grated pecorino cheese and a small portion of pasta to serve.
  2. A jacket potato with spicy mixed beans is a wonderfully warming autumn vegetarian option. Add some fresh chilis and cumin powder to canned mixed beans. Place the beans on top of baked sweet potato as a nutrient-rich alternative.
  3. Vegetarian pizzas are a treat for all the family. Pizza bases can be smothered in onions, sweet bell peppers, mushrooms, sweetcorn, chili peppers, and jalapeños. Sprinkle some mozzarella on top to taste.
  4. Creamy veggie korma is a comforting dish and tasty alternative to the usual chicken variety of curry. Replacing chicken with cauliflower and potato makes for a substantial option for any appetite.
  5. Thai-style broccoli fried rice is an aromatic dish for those of you with a more discerning palate. Add broccoli to boiled rice and stir fry with sweet bell peppers, chili, and a little lime juice. Top with a fried egg to serve.
  6. Whisk up a frittata – add thinly-sliced potatoes, spinach, minced garlic, thyme, Gruyère cheese, Himalayan salt, and black pepper to eggs.
  7. Vegetarian mince (particularly the dried mushroom protein varieties) has a ‘meaty’ consistency that creates a very convincing spaghetti bolognese. To add something green to your dish, serve the bolognese with half of your plate filled with salad.
  8. As the temperature drops, stews can provide a great source of sustenance. Carrots, onions, garlic, and passata can be stewed for an hour before adding butterbeans and chopped parsley. Use a little rapeseed oil and rock salt to season.
  9. Flavoursome chickpea paella is another tasty meal. Fry onions and garlic then add rice, chili flakes, and paprika. Bring to the boil, then simmer for 10 minutes. Add chickpeas, runner beans and sweet peppers. Cook for a further 10 minutes before adding lemon juice and parsley and serving.
  10. Experimenting with vegetarian options is a great way to try out both vegetables and other foods that you or your family might not have come across previously. Quinoa, asparagus and avocado salad is delicious and nourishing during any season. Top with figs and seeds for an added crunch.

You can find further details on some of the above recipes and lots more ideas for vegetarian meals at the following website.

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