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Boost your energy this spring

How are you feeling about the arrival of spring? Do you need to boost your energy levels after the winter months? Or are you buzzing with excitement at the prospect of longer, brighter days and the feeling of the sun on your skin?

If you fall in the former group, don’t worry. We’ve put together our top five tips for increasing energy below.

1. Look at your sleep

It goes without saying, that ensuring a good night’s sleep can be key to energy levels during the day. Try to get the recommended 8 hours each night, keeping your bedtime and wake-up time as regular as possible throughout the week. If you need a bit more help, have a look at one of our previous blog posts on good sleep hygiene for some extra advice.

2. Nourish your body

In terms of food, try to nourish your body by eating light, easy-to-digest meals. Carbohydrate-rich meals can add to a feeling of lethargy – so aim to base your meals around vegetables, protein and some healthy fats, with a side serving of carbohydrates such as potatoes, pasta or rice.

It can also be a good idea to experiment with cutting out or reducing sugar. While sugar can give an instant energy boost, this is frequently followed by an energy slump afterwards. This starts a vicious cycle whereby more sugar is then needed to boost your energy a second time. Stepping off the sugar rollercoaster can often be key to stabilising energy levels throughout the day.

Making sure to drink enough water during the day is also essential in managing energy levels. Aim for pale, straw-coloured urine.

3. Time to supplement?

Vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies are often linked to low energy and fatigue, and often a simple blood test can determine whether this might be causing your symptoms. If you suffer from poor digestion, it may be that you are not absorbing nutrients from your food. Working to correct any underlying digestive disorders could also support energy levels.

B vitamins are key for energy and can be found in eggs, meat, fish, brewer’s yeast, dairy products and mushrooms. If you decide to supplement, look for a B vitamin complex rather than taking them individually to ensure they can work optimally together.

Iron, magnesium and zinc are all minerals linked to energy levels. Iron is particularly important as it helps our bodies use B vitamins optimally, while magnesium helps convert blood glucose into energy, and zinc is key in our enzyme production that ensures the smooth running of all functions in our body. Foods that contain these include:

  • Iron – red meat, dried fruit, beans (chickpeas, red kidney beans etc.), blackstrap molasses, enriched breakfast cereals
  • Magnesium – almonds, dark green leafy veg, bananas, seeds, whole grains
  • Zinc – oysters and other seafood, meat, eggs, pumpkin seeds

4. Try to move

It’s often noted that finding time for a walk or a dance around the kitchen can end up giving you more energy than being sedentary all day. If you can muster the enthusiasm for some gentle exercise, you might feel better than you did before.

The key here is not to exercise excessively. Over-exercising – whether in frequency, duration or intensity – can be demanding for the body. While your energy is lower than ideal, it could be a good idea to take it easier than you might do normally.

5. Don’t push it

And finally, it’s important to listen to your body. If you’re feeling unusually tired, then letting yourself have a few quieter days may be just what you need. However, if you notice that your energy levels have been lower than usual for a couple of weeks, then please see your GP who can rule out underlying conditions such as anaemia.

Want to know more?

ProVen Probiotics aim to provide the best support for both you and your health. If you wish to know more about gut health, please do not hesitate to call us on 01639 825107 or alternatively, learn more via our blogs or in-depth ProVen research.

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