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A man’s health faces key threats as he gets older from heart disease, erectile dysfunction, prostate problems, and even depression. The average man pays less attention to his health than the average woman. Being enlightened to the issues affecting men and how we can change it for the better, is one of our goals. Celebrate and be aware of Men’s Health Week.

10-16th June 2019 is Men’s Health Week and the theme for 2019 is ‘men’s health by numbers’.

Some of the key messages regarding the health of men include:

1. One man in five dies before age 65

2. Three out of four suicides are men

3. The biggest single cause of death in men is cancer

4. Men are less likely than women to visit their GP

5. Men are three times more likely to become alcohol dependent

6. 87% of rough sleepers are men

7. Men make up 95% of the prison population

8. Boys are performing less well than girls at all levels of education

9. Men are more likely to be overweight, especially after age 45

10. Men are more likely to be affected by type 2 diabetes

And from a diet perspective specifically… less than a quarter of men eat five or more portions of fruit and vegetables each day and 81% of men exceed the recommended salt consumption.

These statistics are difficult to read but are necessary to know if we are to succeed in changing them.

Let’s all work together to support our boys and men in overcoming these issues and implementing lifestyle changes.

Start small – eat another portion of vegetables, move a little more, lose a few pounds – all can help to support physical and mental health.

A healthy digestive system can have an impact on the whole body and eating better and exercising can help to support digestion.

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