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The PROBE Study

Daily supplementation with the Lab4P probiotic consortium induces significant weight loss in overweight adults


This randomised, double-blind, placebo controlled study aimed to assess the effect of 9-months supplementation with Lab4P probiotics on body weight in overweight adults.


  • The study was carried out in Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • 70 overweight adults aged 45-65 (BMI 25-29.9) were divided into two groups.
  • Group 1 took one placebo capsule daily for 9 months.
  • Group 2 received one capsule of 50 billion Lab4P probiotics (Lab4 consortium plus Lactobacillus plantarum CUL66) daily for 9 months.
  • The participants were asked to maintain their normal diet and lifestyle throughout the study.
  • Changes in body weight, BMI, waist and hip circumference were assessed from the start of the study for 9 months.


Body weight

Compared to placebo (Group 1), Lab4P probiotics supplementation (Group 2) resulted in significant weight loss (Fig 1.):

  • Difference of -2.11kg at 3 months (-2.51%, ****P<0001)
  • Difference of -1.88kg at 6 months (-2.19%, ****P<0001)
  • Difference of -3.16kg at 9 months (-3.76%, ****P<0001)
  • By 9 months, 71% of participants taking Lab4P probiotics (Group 2) had achieved 3% substantial weight loss compared to 17% of participants in Group 1 (****P< 0.0001, Fig 2.).
  • 40% of participants in Group 2 acheived clinically meaningful weight loss (defined as 5% weight loss over a 6-12-month period) compared to 3% of participants in Group 1 (***P=0.0002, Fig 2). Consistent weight loss in Group 2 was observed even during the indulgent Christmas period (during months 6 to 9), whereas Group 1 gained weight during this period.
Fig 1. Body Weight Loss

Fig 2. Body Weight changes from baseline for each participant

  • Significant differences in BMI between groups were observed at each time point, with a significant 3.73% reduction in BMI in Group 2 compared to Group 1 at 9 months (****P<0001, Fig. 2).
  • At 9 months, 6 participants from Group 2 moved from overweight BMI status to healthy BMI status compared with 2 participants in Group 1.
Fig 3. BMI changes
Waist and Hip Circumference

β€’ A significant reduction in waist circumference (WC) was observed at each time point in Group 2 compared to Group 1 with a 2.48% reduction at 9 months (-2.58 cm, ****P< 0.0001, Fig. 4).
β€’ Similarly, significant changes in hip circumference (HC) were found over the study period. Supplementation with Lab4P probiotics (Group 2) resulted in a significant 2.36% reduction in HC compared to Group 1 at 9 months (-2.66 cm, ****P< 0.0001, Fig. 5).

Fig 4. Waist Circumference

Fig 5. Hip Circumference


Supplementation with Lab4P probiotics for 9 months resulted in a significant reduction of body weight in overweight 45 to 65 years old adults without any lifestyle restrictions. Furthermore, 40% of these participants reached the desirable annual 5% weight loss beneficial for health and well-being.
The findings of this second study with Lab4P probiotics support the outcomes of the previous PROMAGEN study with 220 overweight and obese participants.


Michael DR et al. 2021

Daily supplementation with the Lab4P probiotic consortium induces significant weight loss in overweight adults.

Scientific Reports 11, 5.

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